3rd Dec 2017 : Little Tauke Children Flea Market - Penang


About Little Tauke

Little Tauke offers 3 unique financial literacy programmes which are originally from US since 2002. It is now available in Malaysia to educate children on how to be more financially responsible since young.

Children will be playing our signature "The Money Game® ", which is design for children to have fun and engaging learning through experiential activities about money management.

Our program have educate over 15,000 children, teens and adults on how to develop the mindset and skills to achieve financial freedom.

Our Vision and Mission

To be the Leading Financial Literacy provider in Asia Pacific and to supply and equip kids & teens with the ability to take care of themselves as adults.

Our Method

We believe that effective education requires a experiential approach. Camp Millionaire and The Money Game are interactive, playful and comprehensive financial literacy curriculums that you’ll love to teach.

Our Mindset

We believe learning to be financially free takes more than making, managing and multiplying money successfully. It takes learning to ‘be’ with money in a way that allows you to experience the security of life-long financial peace.

Our Program

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