Helping Your Child to Grow Smarter with Money

Little Tauke Academy Trial Class

Age Group :

5-7 years old (Pre School)

8-12 years old (Junior)

Venue : Little Tauke Academy Ipoh Garden South

Date : Every Saturday or Sunday,

             starting 21st  January 2018

Time : 2.00pm-3.30pm or 4.00 pm to 5.30pm

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Give Your Child The Solid Foundation to Future Success!

Here's What Your Child Will Learn in Our Revolutionary Financial Class :

  • The Value of Money which will help them to understand where does money comes from, how it is earned, and how it can be spent responsibly
  • Put into Practice Healthy Money Habits that keep them Out of Debt
  • How to Pay Themselves First which means they will learn how to budget, prioritize their spending and differentiating between the 'needs' and 'wants'
  • How and Why to be Responsible Spenders and  Motivated Savers as they will be exposed to real cost of things and will have a better understanding on saving and spending
  • Different ways to create Passive Income so that they understand the importance to start invest early and that means achieving their Financial Freedom
  • Money management through a very fun Financial Simulation that mimics real life environment which gets them prepared for their future and understand the importance of planning ahead
  • How to Have Them Own Money so they stop asking for YOURS!

What Parents Say


We are really surprised with his current thinking. He keeps sharing what he had learnt with us and is practicing what you have taught him. He save a lot of money presently and been thinking how to achieve his dreams in the near future. Many thanks for introducing this beneficial program to us!

Puan Zuraida


He was very excited and enjoyed the program. He said he is able to make new friends and started to practice some concepts he learned such as the Money Jar System. Thank you so much for the program.

Ms Pau Kee

What Children Say


In this Camp Millionaire, I learnt about how to save and earn money. I also learnt what is Rich and what is Poor. I am very happy because I have learned so many things in the Camp Millionaire.

Goh Yen Chee (13 years old)


Very Good! I loved the classes very much. I have learn that Making and Earning Money is not Easy. The trainer is also very good at making the classes funny. Thank you so much for this Experience.

Lean Shao Heng (14 years old)


I learned about financial freedom and what is Simple and Compound Interest. I feel that Camp Millionaire is very fun and we get to learn about Money.  

Tammy Tan Shien (11 years old)


This is a Great Experience for Kids and Teenagers. I have learnt a lot of things about Money, How It Works, How to Earn, and etc. The classes are fun to be in!

Rachel Soh (14 years old)


I think this camp is quite interesting, The way the trainer taught us is unique and different. I learnt many ways to earn, make and save money.

Lean Soong Hao (14 years old)


I learned a lot of new things about money such as Needs vs Wants and Rich vs Poor. I feel that the camp is amazing because I learn a lot of new things. Looking forward to join this Camp again.

Ashley Lim (10 years old)


I learned about Finance and Investments and what do rich people do in order to earn money. I feel that this camp is amazing and educational. Looking forward for the next session.

Ooi Jie Yuee (11 years old)

Learning in Action

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